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Flatio expands to Vienna, the new investor is INCOMMING ventures

Brno, 1st January 2017 – Real estate start-up Flatio just started offering medium-term rents – 1 to 6 months – in Vienna. The expansion to Austrian capital is based on Flatio’s success in Prague where the company has mediated more than 14 000 nights. In the next few years Flatio plans to expand to other big European cities, therefore a new investor INCOMING ventures has joined Flatio to help with its expansion. The parties have decided not to comment on the amount of the investment.

During December Flatio has launched new rents from 1 to 6 months in Vienna and there are already tens of offers. The long-term aim is to offer about 500 flats, similar number to Prague. “We’ve found out through an analysis based on data from Eurostat that people stay in Vienna for 15 to 90 days and spend 3,1 billion Kč on housing, which is 1,3 billion more than in Prague. We see Vienna as a first step in our expansion. We’ll experience the foreigner market and see how to expand to other big cities in Europe during 2017. Next step is Berlin. According to our analysis people spend more than ten times more than in Vienna on accommodation there,“ says Radim Rezek, founder and CEO of Flatio. Flatio has found a new investor, INCOMING ventures, because of the expansion plans. This fond is led by Michal Mička and Adam Kurzok, the managing partner of this project.

We believe to use our experience in e-commerce to help with the whole process of renting, from choosing the property to paying the rent,“ says the director of INCOMING ventures, Michal Mička. “From entering Flatio we expect successful expansion to other European cities and increasing the share on medium-term rents market.“

INCOMING ventures is a strong partner. They will help us, along with Enern, to grow into a European leader in medium-term rents. Our 5-year plan is to have 10 % of medium-term rents in Europe, which is a turnover about 10 billion Kč a year,“ adds Rezek.

About Flatio.czFlatio is a start-up from Brno by an entrepreneur Radin Rezek. Flatio is a specialist for a-few-month housing and it is here for those who need temporary home usually for longer work visits, studies, Erasmus program or during reconstruction of their own properties. It also serves those who come from other countries to visit their families and friends for a longer time.The idea is to connect real estate business with the newest technologies to simplify the whole process of renting. Flatio lacks all stereotypes of a usual real estate agency, e.g. deposit, personal view or personal contract conclusion. Flatio solves the tours via virtual tours of chosen property, contracts are signed online and the tenants can also pay their rent thanks to the unique application by on-line card. Flatio offers simplicity, speed and maximum comfort for both sides. Thanks to Flatio you can book your housing from any place in the world. More on INCOMMING ventures

The company INCOMING ventures invests in innovative firms in the area of internet trading. It searches firms and start-ups in a narrow segment of e-commerce with potential of expansion and a target group of online traders which can increase their income thanks to the innovation in 2-3 years.

The company was founded in 2016 by Michal Mička. He was a part of the birth of invest group DRFG. Adam Kurzok helped to start several e-commerce projects he sold successfully, for example Lunchtime.

INCOMING ventures invested into an online platform for selling cars Carzada, servise Expando for expansion of trades abroad and application for data collection Apifier. You can fnd more information on

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