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Virtual reality instead of long personal visits. Czech start-up Flatio offers the possibility to view flats in a virtual reality.

Brno 14th February 2017 – Flatio, a real estate start-up offering medium-term rents, launched virtual flat tours at the beginning of February. You can view tens of flats in one day thanks to special goggles. The tours in virtual reality completely substitute personal visits which are not needed when renting a-few-month housing. Flatio wants to connect modern technologies with the real estate market and simplify the process of letting. Alongside the virtual tours Flatio offers signing contract via SMS or paying the rent online. You can use its services in Prague, Brno, Vienna and newly also in Bratislava.

„As if you really stood in the flat – that is what our customers usually say. Virtual reality isn’t a new concept, but its practical use outside the game industry was very limited. Flatio is based on modern technologies which we believe can help the real estate market to grow,” says founder and CEO of Flatio, Radim Rezek.

Virtual tours are available with the most popular flats. You only need a smart phone and cardboard goggles for virtual reality. Flatio uses software of a third party to produce the virtual tours. “We search the market for technological solutions which will make the flat-hunting a lot easier for our clients. We are not authors of the software for making virtual tours, but we are probably the first real estate company to offer this service and substitute the personal visits with it,” adds Rezek.


Flatio was founded by an entrepreneur Radim Rezek. Flatio is a specialist for a-few-month housing and it is here for those who need temporary home usually for longer work visits, studies, Erasmus program or during reconstruction of their own properties. It also serves those who come from other countries to visit their families and friends for a longer time.

The idea is to connect real estate business with the newest technologies to simplify the whole process of renting. Flatio lacks all stereotypes of a usual real estate agency, e.g. deposit, personal view or personal contract conclusion. Flatio solves the tours via virtual tours of chosen property, contracts are signed online and the tenants can also pay their rent thanks to the unique application by on-line card.

Flatio offers simplicity, speed and maximum comfort for both sides. Thanks to Flatio you can book your housing from any place in the world. We offer flats in Prague, Brno, Vienna and newly in Bratislava. More info on