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Renting flats, houses, and rooms - Ponta do Sol

Estamos listos. En total 18 ofertas increíbles están esperando nuevos inquilinos.
desde  1 530  / 30 días
desde  51  / día
desde  1 260  / 30 días
desde  42  / día
desde  2 250  / 30 días
desde  75  / día
desde  1 665  / 30 días
desde  56  / día
Flatio ha recibido valoraciones positivas de más de 6 800 usuario
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Muy eficiente. Deberían informar el total de las comisiones y gastos desde el primer momento.
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Hernan Gustavo V.
Disfrutó de 14 días en Praga
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Amalia E.
Disfrutó de 2 meses en Praga
You are great. Always available to answer to our questions. I always felt secure with you.
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António R.
Disfrutó de 2 meses en Praga
Very easy to book a room and the contract has an English version. There was a situation with the payment and it took me one week to resolved it but the rest is very smooth
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Guillermo C.
Disfrutó de 3 meses en Praga
I loved the efficiency and the convenience of paying a fixed price. there's just one ''bad'' thing I'd like to say. The prices change depending on season and if you choose dates between seasons, Flatio doesn't say the real final price. That was my experience.
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Lara Alba A.
Disfrutó de 1 mes en Praga
Flatio offers the guarantees for a safe and trouble-free rental, all through a very comfortable platform for the user and rules that are very easy to manage. Definitely a hit for temporary rentals.
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Miguel H.
Disfrutó de 6 meses en Praga
It's so useful to have flexible cancellation policies.
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Grady P.
Disfrutó de 20 días en Budapest
Easy to use platform! Excellent customer support! Highly recommended!
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Ana N.
Disfrutó de 3 meses en Peniche
What I love about Flatio is that is a reliable web. I would improve payments and refunds policy in situations like an alarm state.
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Melania S.
Disfrutó de 1 mes en Brno
Your prices are definitely better than Airbnb as is your customer service so I would be inclined to use you again and I have already referred someone. The most important thing is fast response when I reach out to customer service and knowing I can reach someone if something is not right with the accommodations
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Lisa R.
Disfrutó de 14 días en Caniço
I've used Flatio multiple times now and I've been super pleased with the ease of the online functionalities and the professionalism of the Flatio staff and landlords.
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Carla L.
Disfrutó de 1 mes en Praga
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Juan S.
Disfrutó de 2 meses en Praga
Flatio ha recibido valoraciones positivas de más de 6 800 usuario
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desde  1 940  / 30 días
desde  65  / día
desde  1 330  / 30 días
desde  44  / día
desde  2 800  / 30 días
desde  93  / día
Aloje a sus empleados en Flatio
Pisos completamente amueblados de 1 a 12 meses para sus empleados durante largos viajes de negocios, pasantías, reubicación o expansión comercial.
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