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Barcelona, España: Lee las valoraciones de inquilinos y propietarios que han tenido experiencias de alquiler en este destino.

Espais Blaus A. Propietario
Todo es muy simple. Los contratos deberían estar actualizados a la ley española.
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23.11.2023 Barcelona
Anna K. Inquilino
It works :)
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08.10.2023 Barcelona
Clinton C. Inquilino
Not complicated
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20.11.2023 Barcelona
Diana P. Inquilino
I love that we can get in contact very fast
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15.11.2023 Barcelona
Francesco L. Inquilino
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18.10.2023 Barcelona
Anna V. Inquilino
The terms of rent for tenent and understand the final price.
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29.05.2023 Barcelona
Kwinda N. Inquilino
the rates and quality of apartments
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13.10.2023 Barcelona
Laila A. Inquilino
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02.10.2023 Barcelona
Karina Mercedes M. Inquilino
Seems very safe and secure! Easy to read and comprehensive lease agreement.
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13.09.2023 Barcelona
Tássio N. Inquilino
Navigating the renting scene in a new country can be stressful, and a major source of worry for us were the many cases of tricky situation with landlords. Having intermediary made us feel like our deposit was safer (we are usually careful in documenting starting and end states of the places we rent, and we are good tenants). It might be helpful to have a standard procedure to document the state of the place at start and end of the contract. We uploaded photos somewhere, but the procedure can be a bit cumbersome, especially if the tenants are not computer savy (a proper documentation of the state of a place takes between 10 and 20 pictures, in my experience). Finally, crucial to us was the fact that the prices were more accessible than airbnb-type prices, and that water, electricity and internet were already set up. What could be done better? It would be good to receive money back if utilities are spent below a certain threshold. This allows people with a tighter budget to afford a nicer place by being more careful about how much water / electricity they spend. Not to mention the fact that this is likely to mitigate wasted resources!
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05.09.2023 Barcelona
Jack L. Inquilino
Easy of use. No payment to inquire about bookings.
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28.08.2023 Barcelona
Valerie B. Inquilino
It was easy, the landlord was a pleasure to work with and communication was efficient.
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08.08.2023 Barcelona
Monika M. Inquilino
very nice web page :)
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21.08.2023 Barcelona
Daewhan K. Inquilino
It offers many short-term apartments
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13.08.2023 Barcelona
Carol V. Propietario
Muy agil y bien gestionado
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03.08.2023 Barcelona
Tihana M. Inquilino
It's simple and I hope trustworthy
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03.08.2023 Barcelona
Evelyn S. Inquilino
The communication lag was sometimes frustrating.
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01.08.2023 Barcelona
Dan B. Inquilino
Easy to compare options
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25.07.2023 Barcelona
Diana A. Inquilino
La información detallada sobre las opciones de renta y que incluyen
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04.04.2023 Barcelona
Kathryn M. Inquilino
Overall very happy. I found a good apartment and didn’t have to deal with utilities and such. It made our extended stay easy. My only complaint is the fee associated with payment via credit card.
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11.07.2023 Barcelona
Conall D. Inquilino
Everything pleased me with the experience
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03.07.2023 Barcelona
Franciska N. Inquilino
I really liked that I had a phone number that I could call 24/7 in case of any issues, that made me feel assured that I will not be left alone in case I have any problems during my stay. The contract was also short and easily readable which made me feel confident that I know what I am getting myself into and that this is not a scam.
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22.06.2023 Barcelona
Diego S. Inquilino
It's pretty awesome - I wish spain would allow smaller stays like 2 weeks but Flatio has always been great.
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21.06.2023 Barcelona
Diego S. Inquilino
Monthly rentals with a contract, always great customer support, and nice landlords and accommodations. The free cancellations in case of issues are great too.
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09.05.2023 Barcelona